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Control Under is a 2 player game, where a player needs to help his friend escape the maze, whilst he is (almost) blind the whole way.

One player plays as the man trapped in the maze, whilst the other player plays as the security camera person, and needs to direct the trapped player to the exit.

The monsters in this game have unexpectable behavior and mostly walks around the halls looking around for the trapped human as they want to feast on his flesh

You might think that only the ground player is at risk, and the camera person is safe, but no.

If it finds one of you, it finds all of you

So you as a team need to work your way and leave this building, or no one leaves.


Ground Player: WASD | Arrow Keys - to move \ Left Shift - to run  \ Left Mouse Button - to interact.

*On Gamepad : Left Stick - to move \ Left Trigger - to run \ Right Bumper - to interact.

Camera Player: Mouse - to look around \ Left Mouse Button - to point with laser \ Right Mouse Button - to zoom \ Mouse Wheel - to switch cameras \ Middle Mouse | Q | E | Mouse Forward | Mouse Backward - to switch camera group.

*On Gamepad:  Right Stick - to look around  \ Right Trigger - to point with laser \ Left Trigger - to zoom \ Left & Right Dpad - to switch cameras \ Up & Down Dpad - to switch camera group.

Currently controllers are supported in the game itself - but not in the menu.

This game is best played with a friend over a discord call but can be played with another random player (with no voice chat yet, so not recommended - also quitters will ruin your game, since you can't change players after start).

If you'd like to support this project, comment and share the game. It will help a lot with the development.

Before downloading note that


Currently searching for game tester. If you want to help - contact me over on discord - nomSpot#1596.

- with no payment


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Super fun game, but too difficult. For some reason the code for the second maze door only works sometimes. It worked once when we bruteforced the last number, after that it never did. Third maze is way too sudden, i only just walked in and im already dead before either of us knew what to do

Hey, Thank you so much for the feedback!

About the second maze's door - its color coded.

One reason I can think of that may have messed up your code is the font, for example the image below is a 1, although it looks like a seven. So I will make some changes about that.

If I was wrong please comment what the issue was (if you might know).

About the third room - I kind of ran out of ideas and didn't want another code search maze, so what I had in mind is that this time the camera player needs to search for the code, but didn't have a good way to set it up so the ground player enters the room and needs to survive, I will change that as well as it is a bit too random.

Anyways I  hope you enjoyed the game and will enjoy the upcoming updates! If you'd like to participate in private game testing contact me on discord - nomSpot#1596


Ohhhh, we indeed thought the 1 was actually a 7. Yes, we will be waiting for more updates, this game is a lot of fun. What I'd also like to see is some QoL changes for the camera. Either make it brighter, or make the other player appear on the map. As for the trapped man, maybe make the monster glow a little? So you can see it approaching when its about to turn a corner. We both were hyperconcentrated on planning a route in the second maze and didnt have enough brain power to monitor the monster.


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The game currently is for testing, code is - 


you can contact me if i can help somehow :)

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Contact me over on discord - nomSpot#1596